Silly Cats Vinyl Car Decal

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Silly Cats Vinyl Car Decal
Product description

See below for details about the stickers

- I would recommend putting stickers on the car window!

- All stickers are weather proof & waterproof and have UV protection

- All stickers are matte finish - not glossy

- Stickers are easy to peel off once you decide to change it out to a new one! :D


Banana Cat Crying Sticker Sizes: 5.5 Inches tall for all 3 designs
Closer you get, the slower i drive - 6 inches tall
For airbag test: Keep tailgating me - 6 inches tall
Don't park too close, i'm fluffy - 4.5 inches tall
The only baby on board is me - 4.5 inches tall
Another day, another slay! - 7.2 inches width
Probably on my way to mcdonalds - 7.4 inches width


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