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?? This is a mystery keychain listing ??


****This includes keychains that are either no longer listed in my shop OR have never been listed before and the keychain will be completely random****


1 quantity in your cart = 1 Mystery Keychain!


If you buy more than 2 sets of the "5 mystery keychains" please expect at least 1-2 duplicates




 Material: PVC

Height: Around 1.5 inches tall

♡ Product Grading System ♡

A Grade: Good condition
B Grade: minor defects, smudges, dots, missing some printing on hat
C Grade: Very very noticeable defects, missing a lot of the printing on the eyes/hat



Super adorable keychain with glitter and liquid inside so when you shake it, the kitty surfs around and glitter shimmers all inside the jar!


The defect keychains are 100% randomly picked out for you and these keychains are EITHER.. not listed OR they are listed on my website... its a complete mystery and thats the fun in a mystery defect box ^-^

- defects can be either liquid or pvc keychains

!! please note that if you buy more than 1 set of the 5 defect keychains deal then its possible to get repeats, I don't have many defects in my shop so please at least expect a repeat of one of the keychains if you buy multiple sets of the "buy 5 for $10" !!

What is a defect keychain?
*defect keychains are Keychains that were messed up during production which could be dye marks, deep scratches, or chipped spots on the product*


Boba Tea Flower Keychain
This adorable keychain has REAL LIQUID inside that slosh around inside of the cup + tiny boba balls that float around when the keychain is shook! Theres even a cute little flower attached on the side :)

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