Guoba ITA Backpack [DEFECTIVE]

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Guoba ITA Backpack [DEFECTIVE]
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READ: This backpack has defects such as uneven ears/face, ears that are lopsided or permanently facing downwards, lopsided body, 1 ear way bigger than the other, crinkled or distorted leather (mostly just the edges of the front pocket but can happen on the bottom of the bag as well). These are just a few examples of what you might get buying from this listing

Please do not purchase if you're wanting a perfect backpack. This is a defective product.


Guoba is a plush fur, high-end backpack with optimal amount of space to store belongings.

It is integrated with the following:

- Golden zipper on the back, front pouch and main opening

- Window zipper pouch on the front with 2 changeable inserts. (1 plain insert and another embroidery detailed insert)

- Paws at the front of the bag attached by Velcro but cannot be removed

- Embroidery detailing on the back

- 3 inside pouches and 1 zipper for organization

- High-end soft PU leather (vegan)

- High-end fur material (vegan)

- Custom made guoba paw magnet on the side pockets inspired by Xianglings hair clip

- 6 (h) X 7 (w) pocket and zipper inside


Height: 10.5in/26.67cm



Straps: 40.5in/102.87 long

Material: Soft PU Leather (vegan) and High-End Fur(vegan)

Inside pockets: 6in (h)

Inside zipper: 7in (w)

Outside side pockets: 4"x4"inches


Examples of items that will fit in the bag are listed below:

• Tablets under 10.5 inches

• Nintendo Switch with joy cons attached (or even the whole switch case!)

• TI calculators

• Small twisted up hand umbrella

• Headphones

• Notebooks/Books

• Most notepads and stationery (pens, pencils, post-its)

*this bag does NOT hold laptops* 

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