Guoba ITA Backpack

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Guoba ITA Backpack
Product description


Guoba is a plush fur, high-end backpack with optimal amount of space to store belongings.

It is integrated with the following:

- Golden zipper on the back, front pouch and main opening

- Window zipper pouch on the front with 2 changeable inserts. (1 plain insert and another embroidery detailed insert)

- Paws at the front of the bag attached by Velcro but cannot be removed

- Embroidery detailing on the back

- 3 inside pouches and 1 zipper for organization

- High-end soft PU leather (vegan)

- High-end fur material (vegan)

- Custom made guoba paw magnet on the side pockets inspired by Xianglings hair clip

- 6 (h) X 7 (w) pocket and zipper inside


Height: 10.5in/26.67cm



Straps: 40.5in/102.87 long

Material: Soft PU Leather (vegan) and High-End Fur(vegan)

Inside pockets: 6in (h)

Inside zipper: 7in (w)

Outside side pockets: 4"x4"inches


Examples of items that will fit in the bag are listed below:

• Tablets under 10.5 inches

• Nintendo Switch with joy cons attached (or even the whole switch case!)

• TI calculators

• Small twisted up hand umbrella

• Headphones

• Notebooks/Books

• Most notepads and stationery (pens, pencils, post-its)

*this bag does NOT hold laptops*

If you need any more information on the bag PLEASE read this FAQ (click here for the link) I have made specifically for this bag and any questions I have already answered


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